How do I check or change my computer’s Display/Screen resolution?

On PC – 

  • Right-mouse click on your desktop and select “Properties”.  
  • Next, select the “Settings” tab.  You will be brought to a frame that shows your current display resolution (ex: 1024x7868).  
  • Drag the "Screen Resolution" slider left to make your desktop resolution smaller and drag the "Screen Resolution" slider right to make it bigger.  
  • When you have selected your new screen resolution, click OK.  
  • You will next see a preview of your new screen resolution – click OK to keep your new settings.

On Mac – 

  • Click the “apple” icon at the top of your Mac screen and select “System Preferences”.  
  • In the “Hardware” section, select “Displays”.  
  • You will be brought to a frame where you can see your current display resolution as well as a list of all other possible resolutions.  
  • Click on any resolution in the list to change your active display resolution.

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