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How do I take a screenshot to include in a Feedback/Support ticket?

On PC – Click the “Print Screen” key on the keyboard.  Open an email or text doc and click the key combo CTRL + V or right click the mouse button and choose "paste".  Save the image or drag to your desktop to save it.

On Mac – Click the key combo COMMAND + SHIFT + 3.  Screenshot should save on your desktop.

iPAD & iPHONE – Simultaneously, gently press in the "Power button" (top-right) and the main "iPad/iPhone button" (circular button below screen).  You will hear the sound of a photo being taken and the images will be in your desktop “Photos” folder. You can then email this photo to yourself by clicking on the box with an arrow pointing out (bottom left of photo) and then choosing the "Mail" button.

Keywords: screen shot, photo, image 

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