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Dognition Assessment General FAQ

  1. I bought the Assessment. How do I get started?

  2. Can I get started right away? Will you ship anything to me?

  3. Who can play the games with my dog?

  4. What do I need to play through the Dognition Assessment?

  5. What cups do I use?

  6. What treats do I use?

  7. How long should it take me to play all the games with my dog?

  8. I have two dogs. Can I play the games with them at the same time?

  9. Can I play alone? Do I need a partner?

  10. Does it matter what time of day we do the games?

  11. Does it matter if I play the games outside or inside?

  12. Do I have to do this at my own house?

  13. Can I practice the games before I do them with my dog?

  14. How do I record the results from each game?

  15. I submitted incorrect data. What should I do?

  16. What if a fire truck goes by outside and distracts my dog?

  17. What if my dog doesn't want to play the games?

  18. What happens if my dog won't come near the cups?

  19. What happens if I make a mistake while I am hiding the treat?

  20. What happens if my dog keeps looking to me for the treat?

  21. Can I use a leash for more control during the games?

  22. Why are there so many trials in the games?

  23. What if a game asks my dog to do something that runs counter to the training he/she has had?

  24. Can I retest my dog?

  25. Will my dog's age make a difference?

  26. I have an older dog, can he/she still play the games?

  27. What if my dog has a sensitive stomach or is on a diet?

  28. My dog has high anxiety. How should we proceed?

  29. Is there a time limit for completing the Dognition Assessment?

  30. My Dog's Cunning results seem inaccurate.

  31. My left or my dog's left?

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