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Will my dog's age make a difference?

The Dognition Assessment is designed to be available to any dog at any age. However, if your best friend is in his or her golden years, or is still a puppy,  there are a few considerations you may want to take into account when going through the games.

Older dogs in general will need to take it slow, so don't hesitate to take many breaks and spread the Assessment out over many sessions. Walking back and forth can be hard on tired legs, so the more breaks the easier it will be.

Although dogs, like people, change as they age, your puppy's underlying cognition will mostly remain constant  over time. To get the best assessment of your dog's way of thinking, we recommend playing the Dognition Assessment games with puppies that are 7 months or older.

Dognition Assessment games are great activities for bonding with your new dog. You'll learn about how your puppy sees the world, which can help you train him more efficiently. Taking many breaks will help your young dog stay focused on the game at hand, and give us the best analysis possible.

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